Where Madness takes its toll

Well, lets see where to start...Ok, my allias is Cainan and I am an artist, fanfiction addict, movie critic, comic critic, and an imaginary writer ( an imaginary writer is someone who can think up everything about a story, but when it comes to putting the pen to paper, they are at a loss for words). I have no idea what to say...so I might as well break this down.

Well, I have quite an addiction for fanfiction. In fact, I got this account for that very reason. I am also obsessed with Doctor Who ( another Reason I got this account). My obsession is unhealthy, but it isn't changing anytime soon.
I am a movie fanatic. Love watching trailers and pretty much learning about everything to do with movies.
Favorite Movie?
I have a lot of favorite movies...a few would be The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Rocky Horror Picture Show, and V for Vendetta
Are you going to Talk about Movies in this journal?
Probably. Depends on my own laziness....
So...Doctor Who Obsession?
Yes, I am quite Taken by Doctor Who. I love the series.
Have you watched the old series?
I am in the process of doing just that....might take a while though...
Are you caught up in the new series?
Yes. Yes I am
Do you write Fanfiction?
Unfortunetly, no. Like I said before, I am an Imaginary Writer. I can think up everything that I want to happen, but I can't put the pen to paper.

How are you going to use this journal?
Well, I was thinking of using it as a place to post movie information, fanfiction reconmendations, and pretty much just rant about random things.

I notice your spelling is disgraceful
Yes. Yes it is.

Anything else you want to write?
To tell you the truth, its 2:54 in the morning and I have school tomorrow, so no.